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Toronto Food Events and Festivals Directory

These are our favourites!

If you’re on this page you must love food. Well, we love food too and the city of Toronto has hundreds of events every year put on by incredibly talented people. This list showcases the events we love the most. If you get a chance to attend one or any number of events your taste buds and hopefully all your other senses will thank you.

November, 2018

November 4, 2018 – Soupalicious

Location: 212 Delaware Avenue (Ossington Subway)

Description: Along similar lines is Soupalicious, which describes itself as a “soup-tasting and harvest celebration” which sounds terrific. It’s a more earthy and organic feeling festival aiming to be zero waste.

Cost: Regular tickets are $20 in advance or $28 at the door and include 10 soup tastings. There are also children’s pricing and a family pack.

Beware: Don’t burn yourself, so soup can be hot! Also keep in mind, the earlier you go the better and more choice you will have, the good soups always “sell out” first.

November 8, 2018 – Evening at the Market

Location: St. Lawrence Market

Description: Right across the street from Farm’r at the St. Lawrence Market will be Evening at the Market. It’s a charity event to benefit Second Harvest that takes place between 7pm and 10pm. Tickets get you your food and drink from all the various vendors at the market. Sounds like a cool time.

Cost: tickets are $80, all you can eat

Beware: There’s more to food than peameal sandwiches, so pace yourself and consider just getting one 🙂

November 22 – 25, 2018 – Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Description: This event is held in a giant hall setup with booths everywhere to showcase lots of wines. Areas are organized by growing region, with reps from individual wineries or groups of wineries showcasing their stuff.

The game is all about buying a set of tickets and then using them for wine samples from all over the world (way to many to try a fraction of what is there). The same tickets buy food as well from an array of vendors (though there seems to be more wine than food in my experience). You can use it as a great start to an evening or a mid-day drinking activity.

Cost: Admission prices vary from $20 to $40 or more for the VIP treatment (click to buy).

Beware: The event can get a bit pricey with buying all the tickets, but you can’t complain about the choice and variety.

December, 2018

November 15 – December, 2018 – Toronto Christmas Market

Location: The Distillery District

Description: The Christmas Market at Distillery technically stats in November now, but it belongs in December (oh, November is too early for Christmas, right?). Anyways, if the crowds are any indication, this is the go-to event for the Christmas season in Toronto.

There are special vendors selling Christmas-y gifts, hot chocolate, a giant tree with lights, a beer garden and of course Santa Clause. There is also a stage with tons of performances all the time (check out the schedule).

Cost: free weekdays and Friday before 5pm. Weekends it cost $6 and you have to buy a ticket (see here) that lets you in at a certain time. They sell tickets because EVERYONE wants to go on the weekend.

Beware: we have lots of tips:

  • Timing – its less busy to go during the week (for free), but you’ll also notice it doesn’t have the energy as when the market is full during on the weekend. Also the beer garden doesn’t open till 5pm, so drinks can be hard to come by before that. The best time to go is probably early afternoon (4 or 5pm) so you get the best of both worlds.
  • Getting there: it’s a 15-20 minute walk from Union station, which is the easiest way. There are a few parking lots but none are great. The one south of Lakeshore is probably the best/easiest (see here).
  • FoodYes, we are biased but Farm’r is a great comfortable food option only a 10 minute walk away from the Distillery District and you can avoid the crowds and park conveniently in the Green P by the St. Lawrence market. If you prefer to eat at the market, there are lots of special food vendors. The restaurants are packed so try to reserve or put your name in early for a table when you first get there.

December 1 – 23 – Holiday Fair at Nathan Phillips Square

Location: Nathan Phillips Square

Description: City Hall throws a Christmas fair with vendors, food and events/music from time to time. Of course you can go skating and there are activities and rides. The fair runs Tuesday to Thursday from 4pm to 9pm and then noon to 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday (closed Monday).

Cost: free admission

Beware: the food vendors aren’t particularly special

Weekends in December – Evergreen’s Winter Village

Location: Evergreen Brickworks

Description: Another December event, but this one is less about Christmas and more about a winter celebration. There’s public skating, a holiday market, food vendors and you can buy your Christmas tree.

Cost: free admission

December 4 – Hoppy Holidays

Location: 315 Queen Street East, Berkeley Church

Description: This is a beer event, well more of a party, on Queen East. The point is to get together a variety of beer vendors who each offer a special (and often holiday themed) beer. You can buy sample tickets for $2 each which typically will get you a 5oz glass.

Cost: Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door

Beware: There is an ugly sweater prize, so beware

January, 2019

January 25 – February 7 – Winterlicious

Location: various restaurants in Toronto

Description: Winterlicious is an event organized by the city of Toronto to encourage the people of Toronto to visit restaurants in January and February when establishments are traditionally slow. Some high end restaurants always participate, and prix-fixe offerings between $25 and $45 can allow you to sample some places you may not otherwise attend.

Cost: food ranges from $25 to $45 for a 3 course meal. Drinks are extra.

Beware: the place you go matters. Some restaurants use Winterlicious to pump out easy to make crowd pleasing dishes that are below the quality they would normally serve. Other restaurants do an amazing job, so ask around and be cautious. The good ones typically book up quickly, so call early.